Find a Child Support Lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas

Get qualified legal assistance with your family court case

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Owed child support payments?
Behind on your child support payments?
Looking for a qualified attorney to represent you?

Contact Kim Hamilton, Attorney at Law today. Our lead counsel, Kim Hamilton, can represent you at every stage of the domestic relations court process. He'll file paperwork and petitions on your behalf and represent you in any court appearances. He'll go above and beyond to achieve a positive outcome in your child support case

Find legal help with your child support order in Fort Worth, TX

Are you falling behind on your child support payments? Remember: failing to fulfill your financial obligations can lead to major problems. You could face garnished wages, loss of your driver's license and other penalties.

Get legal help for your child custody issues. Kim Hamilton can help you file for a modification to your current plan. Call 817-920-0930 to request a consultation with a Fort Worth, Texas family attorney.

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