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Divorce Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

I am the Exceptional Divorce Attorney You Need in Your Corner

When Separation is Your Only Option, Trust Me to Know Your Rights

Providing Fort Worth, Texas, residents with exceptional litigation for more than three decades, Kim Hamilton Attorney at Law is home to the divorce attorney you need by your side. When you decide separating from your partner is your best option, don’t file for divorce without calling me. I deliver compassionate, knowledgeable guidance to families facing legal difficulties in Johnson, Tarrant, Parker, Denton, and Ellis counties.

I will work hard to aggressively litigate on your behalf and seek the best possible outcome in your case. Don't wait to start moving forward toward the future you deserve. Schedule a free initial consultation today.

Pursue a Brighter Future

Hire a Divorce Attorney Today

I'll Work Hard to Ensure Your Spousal Rights Are Protected.

As your attorney, I will seek to determine whether you should file for a temporary restraining order to ensure no assets are moved until divided by the court and that both parties act civilly toward each other during the process. Afterward, I will aim to help you navigate through the period of discovery, if one party feels the other is withholding information, before the proceeding continues.

The divorce process in Fort Worth, Texas, can be complicated and confusing because of multiple steps that may or may not pertain to your situation. Fortunately, I am here to help. My goal is to walk you through each phase to ensure you are fully informed about the entire proceeding. This is not a situation you should have to face alone. Let me put my extensive experience to work for you today.

If you’re ready to move forward with your divorce, schedule a free initial consultation with me. I serve families in the Fort Worth area, as well as the surrounding counties of Johnson, Tarrant, Parker, Denton, and Ellis.