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Speeding Tickets Attorney in Fort Worth, Texas

In Texas, drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws and follow the posted speed limits. Unfortunately, you may get a traffic citation or speeding ticket for driving above the posted speed limit. If you have received a speeding ticket in Texas and you intend to contest it, you need to retain a highly-skilled Texas criminal defense attorney for detailed guidance and to protect your driving privileges.

Kim Hamilton Attorney at Law is committed to offering reliable representation and knowledgeable legal guidance to clients in traffic violation cases. Attorney Kim Hamilton has the tools to investigate every aspect of your unique situation and can craft an effective strategy to contest your Texas speeding ticket. Kim Hamilton Attorney at Law proudly represents clients in Fort Worth and surrounding areas throughout Texas, including Tarrant County and Johnson County.

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Understanding Speeding Tickets

A speeding ticket is a piece of paper issued by a police officer to a person driving too fast or above the posted speed limit. The ticket or citation will indicate a fine that the driver must pay. In Texas, the speeding ticket will include a fine depending on how much the alleged suspect (driver) was over the speed limit.

Texas’s Basic Speeding Law

According to Texas basic speeding law – Texas Transportation Code Section 545.351 – a motorist shall not drive at a speed greater than that which is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances then existing.

Furthermore, Texas’s basic speeding law requires all motorists in the state to drive at a reasonably safe speed, depending on the surrounding circumstances. For example, a safe speed on a sunny afternoon when the road is dry may not be safe on a rainy day when the road is wet.

The Point System in Texas

In Texas, points are assessed for moving violations. The Texas point system will be used to determine whether to suspend or revoke a driver’s license for violating a traffic law. Here are some examples of point values for different traffic violations in Texas:

  • Texas moving violation – 2 points

  • Texas moving violation that causes a traffic crash – 3 points

  • Out-of-state moving violation – 2 points

  • An out-of-state moving violation that causes a traffic crash – 3 points

Depending on the speed rate at which you were driving, a speeding violation conviction can add demerit points to your driving record. Moreover, your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked for accumulating too many points on your driving record. This may also result in increased auto insurance premiums, hefty fines, and other serious penalties.

Therefore, if you have been issued a speeding ticket, you need to reach out to an experienced traffic law attorney immediately. Your lawyer can enlighten you about the nature of your traffic violations and the possible penalties and strategize a strong defense to help fight the speeding ticket.

Possible Penalties for Speeding Tickets

However, the penalties for speeding tickets in Texas usually depend on the traffic law that was violated. The potential penalties and consequences include:

  • Jail time (ranging from months or years)

  • Massive fines

  • License revocation or suspension

  • Demerit points on your driving record

  • Higher auto insurance premiums

  • Traffic school

The vast nature of the penalties and implications of a conviction makes fighting your speeding tickets and traffic violation charges definitely worth it. A skilled Texas speeding tickets defense attorney can investigate every detail of your case and outline an effective defense strategy to help you avoid any of the penalties and long-term consequences of a conviction.

How a Skilled Attorney Can Help Fight Your Ticket

Fighting your speeding tickets without experienced guidance or representation could expose you to the risks of suffering the maximum punishment. Unfortunately, being convicted of a traffic violation could result in possible jail time, massive fines, license suspension, increased auto insurance premiums, and other devastating consequences. Therefore, if you have received a speeding ticket, retaining a skilled traffic law attorney is paramount to protect your driving privileges and help build your defense.

With more than three decades of extensive experience, Attorney Kim Hamilton has devoted his career to handling criminal cases and helping clients contest their speeding tickets. As your legal counsel, he can evaluate and investigate all of the surrounding facts of your case and strategize a strong defense to help fight your traffic violations.

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If you received a speeding ticket and intend to fight it, contact Kim Hamilton Attorney at Law today to schedule a simple case assessment. Attorney Kim Hamilton has the personalized legal guidance and vigorous representation you need to contest your speeding ticket. The firm proudly represents clients in Fort Worth and surrounding areas throughout Texas, including Tarrant County and Johnson County.